March 2024 Election Endorsements

Endorsement slate of the Home Sharers Democratic Club for the March 2024 election, as recommended by the Board and Policy Committee and voted on by the Members at its February General Meeting:

  • Only shown are races and measures for which an endorsement is made
  • Voter guides for California and San Francisco
  • You can visit the websites below for more information and to support with volunteering and contributions

Joseph R. Biden Jr (

US Senator, full/partial term
Adam B. Schiff (

US Representative, District 11
Nancy Pelosi (

US Representative, District 15
Kevin Mullin (

State Senator, District 11
Scott Wiener (

State Assembly, District 17
Matt Haney (

State Assembly, District 19
Catherine Stefani (

DCCC, District 17 (vote for no more than 14)
Bilal Mahmood
Carrie Barnes
Cedric Akbar
Emma Heiken
Joe Sangirardi
Laurence Lee
Lilly Ho
Luis Zamora
Lyn Werbach
Matt Dorsey (
Michael Lai
Nancy Tung
Peter Lee
Trevor Chandler

DCCC, District 19 (vote for no more than 13)
Brian Quan
Catherine Stefani (
Dan Calamuci
Jade Tu
Lanier Coles
Marjan Philhour
Michela Alioto-Pier
Mike Chen
Parag Gupta
Sara Barz

Yes on A:  Affordable Housing Bonds
No on B:   Police Officer Staffing Levels Conditioned on Amending Existing or Future Tax

Yes on C:  Real Estate Transfer Tax Exemption and Office Space Allocation
Yes on D:  Changes to Local Ethics Laws
Yes on E:  Police Department Policies and Procedures
Yes on F:  Illegal Substance Dependence Screening and Treatment for Recipients of City Public Assistance
Yes on G:  Offering Algebra 1 to Eighth Graders
Yes on 1:  Mental Health Services