HSDC June 2022 Election Endorsements

Gavin Newsom (https://gavinnewsom.com/)

Lieutenant Governor
Eleni Kounalakis (https://www.eleniforca.com/)

Secretary of State
Shirley N. Weber (https://www.drshirleyweber.com)

Malia M. Cohen (https://www.maliacohen.us)

Fiona Ma (https://www.fionama.com)

Attorney General
Rob Bonta (https://www.robbonta.com)

Insurance Commissioner
Ricardo Lara (https://www.ricardolara.com)

Board of Equalization, District 2
Sally J. Lieber (https://www.sallylieber.org/)

US Senator (two contests)
Alex Padilla (https://www.alex-padilla.com/)

US Representative, District 11
Nancy Pelosi (https://www.pelosiforcongress.org/)

US Representative, District 15
Kevin Mullin (https://www.kevinmullinforcongress.com)

State Assembly, District 17
Matt Haney (https://www.matthaney.com)

State Assembly, District 19
Phil Ting (https://www.philting.com)

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Joseph Guy Campbell (https://campbellforsuperintendent.com/)

City Attorney
David Chiu (https://votedavidchiu.com/)


No on A:  MUNI Reliability and Street Safety Bond

No on B:  Building Inspection Commission

No on C:  Recall Timelines and Vacancy Process

Yes on D:  Victims and Witness Rights

No on E:  Behested Payments

Yes on F:  Refuse Collection and Disposal

No on G:  Public Health Emergency Leave

Yes on H:  District Attorney Recall