Add SF TID fee to Airbnb Listing

In order to add the TID fee to your Airbnb listing, you first need to enable pro host tools. To do this: go to and select one of your listings. You should then be presented with a screen to enable pro host tools:

Select the “switch to professional tools” option and click save.

Now that you’ve enabled the pro-host tools, you’re able to add a tax in your listing editor. Click on “listings” at the top of the airbnb page, then click the listing you wish to add the tax. If you’re on the new update you should see the following screen:

Click on the settings icon on the right (with the lines and circles). You’ll see an option for taxes:

On the right side of the screen you should now see a section entitled “Local Tax Collection”

Click “Add a Tax” and you’ll see the tax setup screen.

For Tax Type, choose: Tourism Assessment/Fee

Type of Charge: Percentage per booking

Amount: 1%

Business Tax Id number: If you have a tax collection agreement with the Treasurer, you *may* have a Business tax ID. Most hosts do NOT have this and should check the box “I do not have a business tax ID” (NOTE: you will enter your business registration number later)

Accommodations Tax Registration Number: Enter your San Francisco Business Registration (License) number (this is the number from the treasurer, NOT your short-term rental permit number):

Exemption for long term: TID, just like TOT are assessed on stays less than 30 nights Enter “29” in the box.

Accept the terms for adding a tax (You’re taking responsibility for doing this correctly):

Click Save

You can try to find your listing using an incognito window and select some dates and view the breakdown of fees to see that the assessment is there.

YOU are responsible for collecting and remitting this fee to the Treasurer. We will have a separate tutorial for how to submit the money to the Treasurer. We believe most hosts will do this annually–make sure you set aside these funds so you can pay them when the time comes.