Join Your Local Business Association or Neighborhood Association

It is vitally important that Hosts raise their profiles and awareness among our local communities, like local business associations and neighborhood groups. There are many influential industry groups like the Hotel Association and strong hotel unions, plus political forces that are aligned with their policies, which are constantly working to change the regulations and impose further restrictions on home sharing rights. Furthermore, it is quite clear that the local press are often too eager to portray home sharing in a negative light, making Hosts the scapegoat to a variety of social ills, including housing affordability.

Too often, our stories – the stories of ordinary Hosts, senior Hosts, and how home sharing has helped us stay in our homes – are not told. These stories include the way Hosts help local businesses by our recommendations through our Guest Books and other means. Local business owners, already stressed by the pandemic, often are not aware of our contribution to their success and survival.

By joining your local business association, you can do a lot to raise awareness of how hosting benefits neighborhoods. Prominent business owners are frequently members of these associations. Get to know them personally and relay to them positive feedback from your Guests.

By law, Hosts must have a business license from the City and County of San Francisco, so all Hosts are small businesses. You have a voice. Let’s make sure it’s heard.

The same applies to neighborhood associations. Involvement in these groups, letting them know you are a registered Host, playing a role in neighborhood affairs and improvement projects – these are all positive ways we can all contribute to push back against forces that want to tarnish our reputation and restrict our rights.

Here are some resources to help you identify your local business and neighborhood associations:

If you do join a business or neighborhood organization, we would love to hear about your experience.  Please contact us at [email protected]