Quarterly Reporting tutorial (Jan 2021)

If you’re unable to register through the SF Planning department portal, you can download the paper form here. They request email submission in PDF form, but you can also mail it to:

Office of Short-Term Rentals
1660 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco CA 94103

  1. Login to the new SF Planning department portal here: https://aca-ccsf.accela.com/ccsf/Default.aspx
  2. Click on “My Records” and you should see your permit (and, potentially, a record of your quarterly reports).
  3. Find the “Short Term Rentals (STR)” record under “Record Type” (ignore the “Short Term Rental Quarterly Reporting” records)
  4. Under the “Action” column, click “Update”

5. You should then see a “Stays” reporting form. To add a stay, click “Add a Row”

6. Enter the dates of your stay and specify whether or not it was hosted or un-hosted.
NOTE: If you had a mix of hosted and un-hosted days during a say, split it into separate records and record the dates during the stay when you were home separate from those when you were not.

7. After you fill out the form and click submit, you should see the entry in the list. Keel clicking “Add a Row” until you’ve covered all the dates of your stays during the quarter.

8. Once you have entered all the dates, click “Continue Application”. You should then see a confirmation screen.

9. If you then click on “Review my applications” you should now see the quarterly report in the records list

If you DO NOT see any records, file a paper form (see above) and notify the OSTR so they can add your records.